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Why should I choose Free Fax to Email SA?

Free Fax to Email SAAnyone who receives and or sends faxes locally, nationally and internationally using the old traditional  outdated method called a “fax machine”. People who are seeking a reliable and simple fax to email and email fax service. Free Fax to Email SA have plenty of options for advanced users and corporates as well as having an uncomplicated on-line interface and excellent customer service. The simple answer, is, if you want to send or receive a fax from your PC, Free Fax to Email SA is for you.

The signup process is less than 1 minute. You will receive your Free fax number to send and receive faxes on. Receive unlimited faxes to your email address free of charge. Should you accidently delete a fax from your email, or your email goes down, we store all faxes on our servers for 5 years, simply login into your account and download the fax from your computer. This ability allows you access your faxes from anywhere in the world.