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Free fax to email allows you receive faxes at the email address free of charge. As long as you have a internet connection and a valid email address you may receive faxes anywhere in the world. You do not need any software, all you need is a working email address. You will receive faxes at […]

Due to the huge increase in Fax to Email Signups, Free Fax to Email SA has decided to re-look at the functionality of their site and decided to design from the bottom up, with the core focus being on making it easier for ‘you’ the visitor to get the information that you need as fast […]

Why should I choose Free Fax to Email SA? Anyone who receives and or sends faxes locally, nationally and internationally using the old traditional  outdated method called a “fax machine”. People who are seeking a reliable and simple fax to email and email fax service. Free Fax to Email SA have plenty of options for advanced users […]

Free Fax to Email On your Mobile With age of smart phones comes the ability to receive your emails on your mobile phone. Free Fax to email brings faxing into the mobile generation. You now have the freedom to receive and view your faxes from a desktop, laptop, mobile device or smartphone anywhere in the world. […]