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Free Fax to Email


Free Fax to Email automatically forwards your faxes to your email account at no charge. No matter where you are, if you can access the Internet you can receive a fax. No special software is required to view faxes sent to this number; simply double click the attachment to open and view your fax.
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Encrypted Fax

Secure fax service from Free Fax to Email protects confidentiality of fax documents, and gives clients, customers or anyone else faxing you the peace of mind they deserve.
Free Fax to Email offers several secure fax solutions, including PDF delivery with 128-BIT encryption. Free Fax to Email service already eliminates mishandling of faxes to shared fax machines, through delivery to private email addresses.

With the advantage of PDF fax encryption, you receive an added layer of security by password-protecting fax documents. Encrypted faxes can only be viewed by entering the correct password


The Free Fax to Email solution provides companies and individuals, the functional capacity to store documentation for up to 5 years in compliance with South African legislative requirements.