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Fax to Email Security

FICA Act Compliance As per Section (24), subsection (3) of the FIC Act, Fax of Life herby gives notice that we act as “Third Party” record holder for a number of accountable Institutions including African Bank. We further state that we are fully compliant with Section (23) subsections (a) and (b) of the FIC Act. Storage and Protection of Information It is law that a company keeps record of their correspondence for 5 years. This service does this for you, protecting the integrity of your fax data offsite, with real-time access for retrieval. (SARS) Special considerations for:

  • Ricpic

  • Ect Act

  • ICASA approved services (allocated by Telkom)

  • Usury Act

  • You can sign in and download your faxes should your mail server be busy or faulty

  • You can administer your own company profile; add, change or delete your company users, as well as build a multi-tiered company structure

  • Compliant with SARS and FICA, providing record keeping and off site storage of your faxes for up to 5 years

  • FaxOut allows you to send faxes from your PC

  • A company can consolidate FaxOut credits for all of its users

  • Your FaxOut driver is compatible with MS Windows 2000, ME, Millennium, NT and XP

  • Your FaxOut driver interfaces with your MS Outlook for retrieval of fax numbers stored in Outlook

You can invite friends or colleagues by placing their email address in the signup form on the home page of our website
  • High speed faxing

  • Full colour faxing – G4 Standard

  • 3 Stage fax delivery tracking online

  • You can choose the number you want. (Match it to your cell, ID or phone number)

  • You can request sms notification every time you receive a fax, including the senders details

  • OCR to convert your faxes into editable text

  • MD5 password protection ensuring that your password will only ever be viewed by you

  • Integrate Fax of Life into your existing business infrastructure

  • Every user receives a weekly fax transmission statement (FTS)

  • You Can set the subject of a fax (for online users only) for easy reference and identification of faxes at a later date

  • You can request for your faxes to be encrypted to ensure privacy (AES-128 bit encryption)

  • The system has been implemented on a LINUX platform in support of government’s open source strategy, and therefore

  • is not subject to the normal barricade of system attacks experienced by most other platforms

  • The system is firewalled and continuously scanned for intrusion from the outside world

  • The system checks for illegal access requests, and any access to the system is tracked and logged, for rollback and identification of usage activities

The Free Fax to Email Printer does not reside, nor is it dependant on any one single machine, ensuring no single point of failure
  • Every machine in its own right has built in redundancy at the hardware layer including such best practice considerations such as RAID 5, with hot-swappable drives, dual power supplies, etc.

  • The system is backed up daily offsite with a structured “fallback” and “rollback” plan for recovery. Special considerations have been made  on system faults resolution to ensure that completed successful fax receptions are delivered to the appropriate destinations

  • The system is deployed in arguable one of the best sites in the country, with direct access into the core Tier 1 Internet works in South Africa, as well as direct assess into the International networks through multiple links into Europe and the USA

  • Full physical security through access control.