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Fax to Email Online Storage


Our Free Fax to Email service allows individuals and companies that ability store their receive faxes online for 5 years in compliance with South African legislative requirements.

What Makes Us the Company to Choose?

  • You can invite friends or colleagues by placing their email address in the subject field and sending it to

  • You Can set the subject of a fax (for online users only) for easy reference and identification of faxes at a later date

  • Integrate Free Fax to Email into your existing business infrastructure

  • 3 Stage fax delivery tracking online

  • You can sign in and download your faxes should your mail server be busy or faulty

  • You can administer your own company profile; add, change or delete your company users, as well as build a multi-tiered company structure

  • Compliant with SARS and FICA, providing record keeping and off site storage of your faxes for up to 5 years

  • FaxOut allows you to send faxes from your PC

  • A company can consolidate FaxOut credits for all of its users

  • Your FaxOut driver is compatible with MS Windows 2000, ME, Millennium, NT and XP

  • Your FaxOut driver interfaces with your MS Outlook for retrieval of fax numbers stored in Outlook

  • High speed faxing

  • Full colour faxing – G4 Standard

  • You can choose the number you want. (Match it to your cell, ID or phone number)

  • You can request sms notification every time you receive a fax, including the senders details

  • OCR to convert your faxes into editable text

  • MD5 password protection ensuring that your password will only ever be viewed by you

  • Every user receives a weekly fax transmission statement (FTS)

  • You can request for your faxes to be encrypted to ensure privacy (AES-128 bit encryption)