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About Free Fax to Email SA

Free Fax to Email has been in the market since 2006, and has become one of the top Free Fax to Email companies in South Africa thanks to its state of the art platform, Free Fax to Email SA has managed to identify it self as a leader in the Free Fax to email Market.

Free Fax to Email is the most Secure and trusted web-based Fax to Email and email to fax solution. You do not require any hardware or software to receive a fax, and the best thing of all its FREE, and can be setup INSTANTLY. In a matter of minutes you will be receiving faxes at your pc FAST, EASY,RELIABLE and at no cost.

Our service offers both SENDING & RECEIVING of faxes. Receive faxes from anywhere in the world FREE of charge. Send Faxes anywhere, instant gratification.

Free Fax to Email SA is the simplest and easiest faxing solution and the most reliable, cost-effective Inbound and Outbound fax solution available in the market today. Free Fax to Emails sole purpose is provide a fast, and efficient inbound and outbound faxing solution in South Africa, to save you time and money.

Fax to Email is a cost effective method of receiving faxes to your email address. After signing up for a fax number, you are given a username, password and fax number, this fax number is used to receive all faxes on. After sending the fax to the fax number, the fax number is sent your email address as an attachment in a file format you specify. This means that as that you can receive faxes anywhere in the world, even on certain cellphones/pda’s/smart phones. A great advantage of Free Fax to Email is that it saves costs on paper and toner/ink that is used by the normal standard fax machine.With Free Fax to Email SA you now only have to print the faxes that you want, no more wasting money on paper and toner on junk faxes coming through, you are in control.

The Fax to Email market is one of the fastest growing markets,  many new businesses and companies have already switched to Fax to Email services. Old Fax machines are now a thing of the past. Our software works on any Desktop PC/Laptop, there is no hidden costs involved in our services, the only cost involved is the cost of buying FaxOut credits which are used when you need to send a Fax via email or our Fax to Email print driver.

Advantages of Free Fax to Email:

  • No More Junk Faxes

  • Receive Unlimited incoming faxes to your email address

  • Link multiple email addresses to one fax number

  • Receive faxes by email totally FREE of charge

  • Send faxes by email using our FaxOut software

  • Signup is Instant, you will receive your very own fax number within minutes.

  • Our services only require a computer, email address and an internet connection

  • Faxes are delivered at the highest speed

  • High Speed Color Faxing

  • Faxes are stored online for 5 years

No matter who you, either an individual or a company, Fax to e-mail is the solution for you. Whether you have a small business or would like to receive your faxes on your personal email account, fax to email is the most efficient and secure solution for you.

To activate your Fax to Email or Get a Fax to Email Number all you need to do is enter in the email address you would like to be linked to your fax number, and after confirming your email address via an invite email sent to your email address, you will receive your fax number in a welcome email. After receiving your Fax number this means your fax number is active and is ready to receive faxes. You now have a FREE fax to email number, no hidden costs involved what so ever.